Dolphmera Solutions provides Internet, network and computer solutions the business and home based environments.  Our solutions include malware (virus, spyware, etc) removal, repairing failed computer/network systems, constructing stand alone systems, configuring networked systems -  Internet and non-Internet connected configurations.  Our customers range from businesses to families with home computers.  Internet Security, networks, software and hardware repairs, computer education and system maintenance (preventative and ongoing) are areas of concentration.

As you peruse our site you will notice it is structured as a source of information more than a marketing tool.  Our company is a solutions focused company that strongly believes in customer support and education.

Dolphmera Solutions, individually and as a company:

  is well versed in the realm of computer and privacy compromising malware - spyware, viruses, trojans, etc - and can help you clean up your system and keep it clean. 

provides on-site computer software and hardware solutions.  We can help you network your office or home - including setting up cable or DSL Internet access for the family. 

can provide you with custom built computers for home, business or gaming environments.

can help you establish and maintain an Internet presence.  Our qualified staff can help you create a domain name, find a home on the Internet for your website and help you build a website - including creating your logo.

believes that education is important and seeks to help you understand what has occurred with your system(s) and how to prevent future misadventures.

specializes in Workshops that help businesses and families remain safe from Social Engineering, whether it is in the form of Identity Theft, Internet Predators or others who employ Social Engineering tactics for less than honorable reasons. 

teaches the basics of communication and success on the Internet in general, covering topics such as electronic communications (instant messaging, email, forums), netiquette, cyber bullies, safeguarding one's personal information yet leaving the opportunity open to meet people from around the world and more. 

provides online tips and solutions for maintenance and basic computer configurations. 

has access to the top technical advisors in the world so that if we do not have an immediate answer, we can research your question, obtain a qualified and accurate response then provide you with the solution.


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