Clear Internet Surfing


1. Clear TEMP
Window 95/98/98SE/ME: C:\Windows\TEMP
Windows XP/Win2K:  C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Temp
Windows Vista/Windows 7:  C:\Users\Dolphie\AppData\Local\Temp
a) Open the Temp folder
b) Edit - Select all
c) File - Delete

**Note: If you can not see the Local Settings folder - go
here and follow the instructions. **
2. Clear Temporary Internet Files (TIF)
Window 95/98/98SE/ME:  C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files
Windows XP/Win2K:  C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
Windows Vista/Windows 7:  C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files
a) Open the Temporary Internet Files folder
b) Edit - Select all
c) File - Delete
3. Empty Recycle Bin
a) right click on recycle
b) click on empty recycle bin
c) click yes (are you sure you want to delete these items)
4. Launch, update and run Malwarebytes.  If you do not have it installed go here to download it:   cnet direct file download of Malwarebytes or cnet malwarebytes page or follow it on the main Malwarebytes site: ... The first link should prompt for the file download and you don't have to be run around or concerned about which item to click to download.
5. Reboot the Computer  
  There are times you might need to follow these additional steps before the reboot and recycle bin empty.  This is not standard, yet at times it is beneficial.  
6. Delete Cookies, History, Form data, Passwords, InPrivate Filtering data
Window 95/98/98SE/ME: C:\Windows\Cookies
Windows XP/Win2K:  C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Cookies
a) Open the Cookies folder
b) Edit - Select all
c) File - Delete

[or Open Browser: Tools | Internet Options | General Tab - Delete Cookies]
7. Delete History
Control Panel | Internet Options | right click | open | General Tab towards bottom
Click on the button (Clear History)  next to history to empty it
When prompted - respond yes.
8. Empty Java Cache - Please click here for instructions
9. Empty Windows Temp  { ONLY do this if instructed to do so. }
a) Open the Temp folder
b) Edit - Select all
c) File - Delete
10. Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7This is to be done only if all other things have been tried and you still are receiving errors including if you have had a malware infection.  {ONLY do this if instructed to do so.}
Empty Prefetch -  C:\Windows\Prefetch
a) Open the Prefetch folder
b) Edit - Select all
c) File - Delete


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